Taposé: What Is It?

Taposé is a unique mobile content creation and collaboration platform that allows multi-media, multi-tasking as well as data sharing between it and other mobile applications.  Taposé allows users to create multiple notebooks into which they can enter text and or handwrite, as well as drop images, video, recorded audio, and clips from the Web or Maps.  Users can also highlight text, create lists, and make sticky notes.  Taposé is a game-changing mobile application that replaces the paper notebook for collaboration, content creation, and sharing.

Taposé: The History

Taposé grew out of the concept of the Courier project from Microsoft, as it provided the initial inspiration for what was to come. Recognizing that the iPad is an amazing device that lacks the Courier multitasking and content creation, capability, Taposé’s founders decided to create Taposé as the iPad's answer to Courier. 

The Taposé name comes from the word Juxtapose.


[juhk-stuh-pohz, juhk-stuh-pohz] verb (used with object), -posed, -pos·ing. To place close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

At the time of conception, and the original co-founders turned to the Kickstarter community to help make Taposé a reality.

In early 2012, Taposé became a reality when it was launched on the Apple App Store. In December 2012 it was acquired by INADEV Corporation, a leading enterprise mobile app development company based in the Washington D.C. area.

This new website reflects the re-launch of Taposé as a leading content creation and collaboration app for the iPad and features - for the first time - both the Personal and Business editions of the app.