Thus far, Taposé has been marketed towards and used primarily via the Apple app store, with approximately 100,000 downloads from more than 50 countries around the world. Taposé has a loyal user base with approximately thousands of followers on social media sites such as Twitter from various places around the globe. Recognizing that Tapose has the potential to transform the enterprise for note taking and collaboration, we have selectively chosen partners of MDM/MAM (Mobile Device Management/Mobile Application Management) platforms to include the app as part of their secure mobility ecosystems.


Taposé is proud to be one of the first enterprise apps admitted to the Symantec Sealed App Program where Symantec empowers mobile app developers to create an ecosystem of enterprise-ready apps. Sealed apps comply with app distribution rules, while providing customers with 3rd party apps that are ready for central management and enterprise. The Symantec Sealed Program promotes mobile enterprise applications that work with Symantec's Mobile Management Suite.  Symantec’s innovative approach to securing data, mobile applications and devices allows enterprise customers to be confident that their employees can be highly productive and safe, in any environment.  The Symantec Sealed Program offers the industry's most comprehensive data and application security model; allowing developers to focus on application development while Symantec delivers enterprise-class wrapping.  “Symantec Sealed” applications are integrated and tested to work with Symantec™ App Center, providing seamless and secure mobile productivity and management as part of the Symantec™ Mobile Management Suite. As part of the program, Taposé is “enterprise-ready” from a security perspective and being part of the program also gives us access to Symantec’s thousands of enterprise customers. 

Tapose is proud to be one of the first apps OpenPeak's SECTOR Network.The SECTOR Network is a secure app ecosystem endorsed by leading service providers worldwide. The ecosystem consists of popular 3rd-party business apps that have been additionally wrapped to add security features, functionality, and IT management capabilities. SECTOR Network apps can be easily downloaded by enterprise customers from the most popular public app stores.Key partners includes carriers such as AT&T's and their Toggle program.

Taposé has also been accepted as part of Citrix Worx program. Citrix Worx is a line of certified mobile applications for the enterprise. Security, policy and provisioning for Worx apps are controlled by Citrix XenMobile.IT administrators can apply and enforce specific management and security policies to Citrix Worx Mobile Apps. Citrix Systems offers Worx versions of its proprietary apps, as well as a secure, managed email client and Web browser. Access to Citrix Worx offers Taposé the opportunity to serve thousands of additional enterprises as customers.